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Finally... a Formula
that works with your body
not against it

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The BLiSS Reboot

Women this is for you...

Midlife and menopause require a whole new way of approaching health and fitness.

If what worked to keep you fit and strong in your 30s or even into your 40s just stopped; it’s time for a change. This will work.

  • Whether you’re training for a race or competition
  • Exercise to maintain everyday fitness
  • Or are ready to get back to it after time off

This is for you.

My mission is to help you build fitness through midlife and beyond. You can do this! 💪

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Your BLiSS Reboot dates: Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 30, 2023

Your Formula To Feel Great For Life

As a health and fitness pro for the last 30 years, I had a system I relied on. But... what worked in my early 40s wasn't working in my late 50s. Rebooting my habits was essential.

Your health and fitness routine needs to adjust so you can feel strong, confident and absolutely amazing through mid-life, through menopause and beyond.

Science is finally showing us what women uniquely need to live a strong, healthy, long life. I found a formula that works!

You can feel stronger than ever, build muscle, have all-day energy and best of all feel content and happy as you age.

Let's do this together!

“It is possible - to live your life bursting with energy, to feel stronger, to feel healthier, to take everything that life throws at you and smile because you’ve got this.”

Why BLiSS?

B. L. S. S. stands for
🌱 The energizing plants you’ll be eating for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Supper.

💪The ‘i' in the middle represents the additional ways you're working with your body by adding Yoga and Mindfulness into your day!

The science shows:

More plants, yoga movement and mindfulness =

  • better gut health and for menopausal women, this means body composition, immunity and mood are all positively affected.
  • reduced incidence of menopausal symptoms - like Hot Flashes 🔥
  • lower body fat, better blood sugar control, lower inflammation, lower risk of heart disease

The science also shows:

  • greatly improved sleep quality and duration in menopausal women, with the addition of more plants, daily movement that builds strength, and an evening routine that includes a simple meditation.

It’s your time to feel powerful, strong, happy, and healthy.

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Your BLiSS Reboot dates: Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 30, 2023

All the Tools You Need to Be
Happy, Healthy, and Energized


Reboot Your Plate
Nutrient-packed recipes to help you lose weight, fuel your body and improve recovery.


Reboot Your Body
Short yoga flows to build flexibility, and core strength and prevent injury.


Reboot Your Energy
Mind/body practices to improve performance, recovery and sleep.

Your Formula for optimal health

All your recipes use the BLiSS Formula. This means you can modify each one to suit your taste using the ingredients you have on hand. No more rushing to the store for specialty items, with a few core ingredients you’re ready to go.

The recipes are nutrient-dense and full of protein and fibre to keep you full. All recipes are downloadable.

As we age (which means after 30) women need specific nutrients to be at optimal health. The Formulas also offer ways to PowerUp your meals to meet the specific needs of active women in peri-menopause and menopause.

 As a huge bonus, following the Bliss Plate Formula will help you lose unhealthy weight, including the stubborn menopausal middle

Build new habits without any overwhelm.

  • Week 1 Breakfast Formulas: Overnight Oats & Smoothie Formulas are the foundation. They are filled with the nutrients you need.
  • Week 2 Lunch Formula: Full-meal Big Bowls. Lots of variations to keep you inspired. No more boring salads >>> ever.
  • Week 3 Supper Formula: My go-to weeknight meals. Many can be prepped ahead or made in only 30 minutes.

💪These are your Formulas to fend off midlife weight gain and help you lose menopausal belly fat

😴 You'll sleep better, and reduce overall stress.

😍 All the nutrients you need to be healthy and strong for life.

Your Formula to keep your body strong and flexible

After the age of 30 muscle mass and flexibility start to decrease, the loss of either is a key marker in longevity and overall health. The good news is that regular training will reverse this decline and dramatically improve your health, body composition and mobility.

This means you'll move with ease, have fewer creaky joints, reduce training injuries and can say goodbye to untoned muscles. 

The postures, aka asanas, all logically work together to build mobility and strength as you move through each flow. Your Bliss Yoga is designed for daily health and wellness, it’s also designed to be used for pre-workout, post-workout a recovery tool.

Roll out your mat and follow my guidance on video (you'll feel like I'm right there with you).

Each week's flow builds on the last. By the end of week 3, you have your signature Blissful 30-minute flow. There are variations given for all poses so you can start where you are and progress as you need.

  • Week 1: 10-minute Sun Salutation flow for mobility and muscle tone.
  • Week 2: 10-minute Standing poses for strength.
  • Week 3: 10-minute Seated poses for added flexibility and final relaxation.

Breathwork and Meditation

Envision Your Best Self

These are two scientifically powerful tools that improve longevity, recovery, and stress reduction. Incorporating even a few minutes of each into your day will make you more resilient. 

This means you’re able to withstand mental and physical stress without the adverse effects of sleepless nights, feeling agitated and reactive even at the smallest thing, and not being able to recover from your workouts. 

Your Bliss Mind Formula includes two simple practices, one for morning and one for evening to help balance hormones and stress and optimize your 21-Day Reboot.

My hundreds of hours of yoga training have taught me a thing or two about the power of using your breath to calm your swirling mind.

Science shows that daily meditation can decrease hot flashes by up to 40%. 🎉

Pop in your earbuds and follow the 5-10 minute audio meditations. In the morning when you roll out of bed, right after your yoga flow, or do the meditation before bed to help you reset and sleep soundly.

"Thanks for the amazing program you provide. It's been a bright, bright light over the past several months."

- Jane

"Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm!"

- MaryPat

"You and this community connection were definitely on the top of my gratitude list this morning!"

- Karen

Take control of your health, and make time for you!

You can choose from two payment options

The Amazing BLiSS Reboot Membership

  • Includes the June BLiSS Reboot plus three more seasonal Reboots throughout the year
  • Monthly Yoga videos designed for women to build strength, tone and fitness
  • Monthly nutrient-packed plant-based recipes and meal plans designed to meet the needs of active women
  • Monthly Meditation and Breath Work to keep you grounded, focused and calm
  • Support - A private community of supportive friendly cheerleaders. I’ll also be there to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have
  • BONUS: All 4 Seasonal Bliss Reboots, when purchased yearly (value $788 per year)
  • BONUS: Each month receive an additional monthly Recipe Pack, Yoga Flow, and Meditation when purchased yearly. (value $200 per year)
  • BONUS: 2 months free when choosing the yearly payment at checkout

$29 per month

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Purchase the June BLiSS Reboot

  • Yoga recordings designed for women to build strength, tone and fitness
  • Simple & delicious, nutrient-packed plant-based recipes designed for the needs of active women
  • Meditation and Breath Work to keep you grounded, focused and calm
  • Support - A private community of supportive friendly cheerleaders. I’ll also be there to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have
  • Access the program for 45 days from the start date.

$79 one time

Structured Action Steps

Each week you have specific actions to follow so you can track your progress and activities Feeling better is the best motivator to keep on track — these 21 days will show you how actions turn into results!

Member Portal and App

Your member portal will contain all your lessons, training videos, worksheets, and recipes! You’ll return to it daily to complete each lesson and can even make it part of your on-the-go routine with easy app access!

Community Support

You'll have access to a private Facebook community. Together, every member of the community will motivate and build one another up while working through the daily lessons.

What You Get With The BLiSS Reboot:

  • Bliss Plate Formula: nutrient-dense, easy to prepare, keeps midlife weight gain in check, and improves sports performance and recovery. All recipes are downloadable.
  • Bliss Yoga Formula: to build midlife muscle, flexibility and easy achy joints.
  • Bliss Mind Formula: your go-to tool to reduce stress in body and mind.
  • Support: Facebook group for cheering each other on and asking questions. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Daily emails from me 😍
  • Three weekly live Coach Calls - Wednesdays @ 7:00am Eastern Time (all calls recorded). Ask me all your questions, fine-tune your yoga poses, and share your morning cup of tea or coffee as we chat.
  • Bonus Reboot Snack Formula: simple and delicious nutrient-dense snacks.
  • Bonus - 15-minute yoga flow for low back and hips.
  • Bonus - Yoga Nidra practice (you will love this!).

There is no deprivation or focusing on what you can't do. Add in the good, just a few minutes a day.

Additional benefits of joining BLiSS Reboot Membership

  • You have access to 4 seasonal Reboots throughout the year, so you can uplevel your health and fitness. This is your built-in accountability group, and I'll be with you all year supporting you.
  • It's a great deal! You will save a lot of $$ when you purchase the membership option.
  • You'll also save money and time knowing you have a plan you can come back to that works. One that's tailored to women who want to stay active, healthy and strong for life.
  • Follow the online program and videos at your own pace.
  • Confidence as you build your nutrition habits. You’ll know what to eat, you’ll know it’s good for you, and you’ll know it’s supporting your health through menopause, midlife and beyond.
  • New content each month. New Yoga, Meditation and Recipes to keep you motivated.
  • You slowly and easily build new habits and a new lifestyle that makes you feel amazing

We begin our 21 days together on Monday, June 12

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Registration Closes on Sunday, June 11, 2023

These 21 days are not just about shedding midlife menopause pounds and collecting a badge of endurance. This is about gaining fitness, strength, long-term vitality and learning habits you will stick with. It's about understanding that small specific changes add health to your years. 💪

Your Powerful Woman Coach - Donna Davis

Donna is a women’s wellness champion, plant-based nutrition advocate, a possibility thinker, and an OG in the yoga world, whose mission is to help women build strong bodies, calm minds and compassionate hearts.

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