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With A Formula To Feel Great For Life

As a health and fitness pro for the last 30 years, I had a system I relied on. But... what worked in my early 40s wasn't working in my late 50s. Rebooting my habits was essential.

Your health and fitness routine needs to adjust so you can feel strong, confident and absolutely amazing through mid-life, through menopause and beyond.

Science is finally showing us what women uniquely need to live a strong, healthy, long life. I found a formula that works!

You can feel stronger than ever, build muscle, have all-day energy and best of all feel content and happy as you age.

Let's do this together!

The BLiSS Reboot

In only 21 days you will have the habits and a Reboot Formula in place to feel great through menopause and beyond.


  • You see your muscles getting stronger.
  • Your brain fog finally begins to lift!! Woohoo.
  • You get a full night's sleep and wake up feeling rested. It is possible
  • You feel happy and content, you're less reactive. Life is good

This isn't a dream, it is possible

My mission is to help you make this a reality – you can do this! 💪

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Your BLiSS Reboot dates: Monday, May 30 - Sunday, June 19, 2022

Why BLiSS?

🌱 First, B. L. S. S. stands for the amazing plants you’ll be eating for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Supper. No need to go vegan, just eat more plants. I'll show you how.

The science shows:

  • more plants = better gut health and for menopausal women, this means body composition, immunity and mood are all positively affected.
  • more plants = less menopausal symptoms - like Hot Flashes 🔥
  • more plants = lower body fat, better blood sugar control, lower inflammation, lower risk of heart disease

💪 The ‘i' in the middle represents the fact that you will be taking supreme care of yourself every step of the way. For example, 50% of menopausal women have trouble sleeping.

The science shows:

  • greatly improve sleep quality and duration in menopausal women, with the addition of more plants, daily movement that builds strength, and an evening routine that includes a simple meditation.

💚 B. L. I. S. S also represents how you'll feel. Absolutely Blissful!

Self-care is better when we do it together! It’s your time to feel powerful, strong, happy, and healthy.

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Your BLiSS Reboot dates: Monday, May 30 - Sunday, June 19, 2022

All the Tools You Need to Be
Happy, Healthy, and Energized


Recipes laid out as Formulas
They are easy to customize and take only minutes to prepare!


Reboot your body
Build muscle, prevent injury and feel good about yourself.


5-10 minutes is all it takes
to energize your day and help you sleep soundly at night

PLANTS: Your Formula for Optimal Health

Fuel up with delicious, healthy plant-based meals. You will feel satisfied and never deprived or hungry.

All your recipes are created as Formulas so you can easily use ingredients you have on hand and ingredients you like. The Formulas are set up to ensure you are eating nutrient-dense meals.

Each week of the BLiSS Reboot focuses on a different meal, allowing you to set your new habits without any overwhelm.

  • Week 1 Breakfast: Overnight Oats & Smoothie Formulas.
  • Week 2 Lunch: Big Bowl Formula with 3 of my favourite variation.
  • Week 3 Supper: Summer Pasta Salad and Plant-Powered Burger Formulas.

You will sleep better, reduce belly fat and reduce overall stress, you'll even get a nice glow to your skin 😊

YOGA: Time To Focus On You

Power up the energy with a simple daily yoga flow. Roll out your mat and make this your guilt-free time for you. Build strength and flexibility and feel good.

Each week's flow builds on the last. By the end of week 3, you have your signature Blissful 30-minute flow. There are variations given for all poses so you can start where you are and progress as you need.

  • Week 1: 10-minute Sun Salutation A with optional Sun Salutation B
  • Week 2: 10-minute Standing poses for strength
  • Week 3: 10-minute Seated poses for added flexibility and final relaxation

MEDITATION: Envision Your Best Self

The icing on the BLiSS full cake is a breath-focused meditation that is designed to balance hormones leaving you feeling calm and refreshed each day

My hundreds of hours of yoga training have taught me a thing or two about the power of using your breath to calm your swirling mind.

Science shows that daily meditation can decrease hot flashes by up to 40%.

Pop your earbuds in and follow the 5-10 minute audio meditation every morning when you roll out of bed, right after your yoga flow, or do the meditation before bed to help you reset and sleep soundly.

"Thanks for the amazing program you provide. It's been a bright, bright light over the past several months."

- Jane

"Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm!"

- MaryPat

"You and this community connection were definitely on the top of my gratitude list this morning!"

- Karen

Take control of your health, make time for you!

BLiSS Reboot Dates: Monday, May 30 - Sunday, June 19

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What You Get With The BLiSS Reboot:

  • Plant-Powered Formulas - that are easy to make and can be gluten-free
  • Reboot Yoga Flows
  • Blissful Meditation
  • Support - Facebook group for cheering each other on and asking questions. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way
  • Weekly live Coach Calls - Wednesdays @ 7:00am Eastern Time (all calls recorded)
  • Bonus Reboot Snack Forumla - my signature Bliss Balls, with endless flavour options
  • Bonus - 3 additional 15-minute yoga flows
  • Bonus - Bedtime Sleepy Yoga

There is no deprivation or focusing on what you can't do. Add in the good, just a few minutes a day.

  • You feel confident knowing you have a plan that's tailored to women who want to stay active, healthy and strong for life.
  • You’ll know what to eat, you’ll know it’s good for you, you’ll know it’s good for the planet and of course the animals  
  • You have a simple Yoga and Meditation practice you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • You slowly and easily build new habits and a new lifestyle that makes you feel amazing

We begin our 21 days together on Monday, May 30

Join Today $197.00

Registration Closes on Saturday, May 28

Your Powerful Woman Coach - Donna Davis

Donna is a women’s wellness champion, plant-based nutrition advocate, a possibility thinker, and an OG in the yoga world, whose mission is to help women, build strong bodies, calm minds and compassionate hearts.

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