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As a plant-powered nutrition expert, coach, and a pioneer in yoga and fitness, it’s my mission to help you feel vibrant, confident, and energized. 

I’ll share everything I know about conscious plant-based eating, mindful movement, and breath to help you build new habits that ignite real-life lasting change.

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Through Power Yoga, Plant-Based Nutrition and the practice of Gratitude, I coach and empower women to live fully with passion, energy, radiant health, sustained weight loss and youthful beauty.

And I love what I do.

So how did this all start. What’s my story?

I’m told that I look great for my age and people always ask me “what my secret is” … to tell you the truth, it all started a long time ago…As a kid, I was labeled as a picky eater because I’d never really liked meat (let’s just say our family dog made out like a bandit in table scraps!) So when I hit my teens, I decided to become a vegetarian.

I was an elite-level soccer player and at a crucial age for bone and muscle development. My mom, bless her soul, was really concerned about my health but, in her wisdom, decided not to oppose my decision. Instead, she booked appointments with a dietitian and with our family doctor. Mom wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurting my body. Thank goodness for the supportive doctor who not only confirmed that I was more fit and healthy than many teens my age, but actually encouraged me to keep up the good work.

Faced with the prospect of having to prepare a separate meal for me, on top of cooking for the rest of the family, Mom promptly armed me with cookbooks and drove me straight to the nearest health food store. And, so it was that I began my love affair with vegetarian cooking. That’s not to say that I was a saint: I still ate “normal” teen junk foods like fries, milkshakes, and sugary cereals but I found that, as I added the good foods, they kind of crowded out the bad stuff.

My family and friends graciously sampled my tofu burgers, rice salads, and crazy smoothie concoctions and were willing guinea pigs as I kept on developing my talent as a cook and devouring recipe books.

I also maintained an active lifestyle: running, playing soccer, going to the gym, and refining my diet, all the time staying lean, healthy and full of energy. I took cooking classes, signed up for cleanses and, eventually, dropped dairy altogether to adopt a vegan diet. Along the way, I met the most amazing raw food mentors and thrived in my busy life, while enjoying a mostly raw food diet.


OK – reality check… before I sound too pious here, I need to confess that, yes, I drink coffee and, damn it, I love my chocolate, plus I’ve been known to inhale a big bowl of pasta, and mostly I LOVE my wine. But, the great thing is: I’ve found the perfect balance, and it’s working beautifully. I’m still slim and trim, full of energy, and people do a double-take when I divulge my age.

Over the years, I also discovered that it’s not just my love of cooking and how a plant-based diet makes me feel that matter to me.  I’ve gradually developed a deep connection to the environment and to all animal life, and now realize a vegan diet simply makes sense to me on all levels. I love to spend time in nature (gardening, swimming, paddling, hiking, running, walking my dog) and I want my lifestyle to reflect that love.

My transition to a heart-centered, plant-based diet took many years, and I’ve had time to hone my skills, discover what works and what doesn’t, and learn how to fuel with food for maximum energy. With some gentle persuasion, even my very active husband has adopted vegan recipes into his diet. Over the last 15 years I’ve also integrated Yoga into my life and refined how to eat, think and move to look younger than my calendar age. I’ve stayed slim and fit and staved off many of the ‘normal’ signs of aging.

I’m on a mission to share my knowledge so other women can benefit from my lifetime of learning and can adopt changes in their diet and lifestyle right now (without the 30-year journey!) I’ll shorten the learning curve for you, and with baby steps you’ll see and feel incredible results in no time flat.

Through the study and practice of Yoga and natural nutrition, my passion for cooking, and mostly sharing and inspiring others through what I’ve learned; I created Powerful Woman Boot Camp programs, opened my own yoga studio, created my signature 12-Day Cleanse, created and hosted three Yoga TV shows, coached thousands of people over the years to eat more plants and live with passion, transforming their lives with weight loss, control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reversal of diabetes symptoms and the ‘magical’ disappearance of life-long skin ailments.

But the greatest success story of all is that my Mom, upon reaching the tender age of 78 and beginning to succumb to the vagaries of aging, finally saw the light and adopted a vegan diet (literally overnight). Now, it brings me incredible joy to watch her actually getting stronger as she ages! It’s taken a long time, but we’ve come full circle.

And, if she can do it, so can you. It’s never too late.  So, if you’re ready to finally get on the right path to the best life ever, to feel and look youthful, beautiful and energized, I’m here to help.

Let’s get started now!

It’s my mission to help you feel vibrant, confident, and energized by sharing everything I know about conscious eating, mindful movement, and breath. I’ll meet you where you are with simple and effective plans to build new insights and habits that ignite real change. Because it’s your time to feel invigorated and alive. It’s your time to radiate health and energy.


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