This one habit will energize your life

Just what is this one habit that can leave you feeling shiny, clean and brand new? It’s forming a habit a few times per year (the change of seasons is perfect) to pay attention to your nutrition, lighten the load on your digestive system, and take the time to ‘clean house’. I call this taking part in a seasonal, whole foods, healthy Cleanse.

Let’s clear a few things up

As a holistic sports nutrition consultant, wellness coach and self-professed health-foodie (yes I love uber healthy food and I love it to taste incredible), I know there are a lot of misconceptions about what a healthy cleanse is and isn’t, and the big question – is cleansing for healthy active people, ok let’s clear this up right now.

A healthy, healing cleanse involves eating!

That may sound crazy, but many people think cleansing equals deprivation, pills and powders. Cleansing is meant to reset and reboot your body, not starve it with so few calories you metabolism slows to a snails pace; sure you may lose a few pounds but as soon as the ‘cleanse’ is done you gain it all back and maybe even more.

In a nutshell, Cleansing is following a thoroughly designed and easy to implement eating and lifestyle plan, one which moves the body to an alkaline pH, allowing massive healing to take place. The meals on my 12-Day Cleanse are both healing and rejuvenating, flooding your mind and body with tons of energy as you shed unwanted weight. Taking this gentle healing approach guarantees you will adopt new habits and strategies so the weight falls off easily and stays off! Eating Clean becomes a lifestyle not a yo-yo diet.

Do you feel like this… 

If you feel even a bit sluggish, have that nagging brain fog that a morning coffee and even a green smoothie won’t cure. If your digestive system is acting up and you feel you may be sensitive to certain foods but can’t quite figure it out. If your joints are aching, you get reoccurring headaches, and if you can’t remember when you last had a good night sleep because your nervous system is so jacked-up – let me tell you it’s time to Cleanse!! Your body needs a re-boot.

Toxins we can’t avoid

The truth is, no matter how “healthy” we try to be, we are all still ingesting toxins that are bogging down our systems. Pesticides, preservatives, hormones, chlorinated water, smog… you name it. Some are out of our control and some aren’t. Either way- our systems are constantly dealing with foreign intruders and sure could use some help.

Some of the affects of these toxins on your body are:

  • low energy
  • excess weight
  • brain fog
  • caffeine addiction
  • craving processed foods
  • acne
  • dull skin

I know before I started a seasonal cleanse routine I could say yes to all these symptoms!!

Cleansing + Active Living 

As a subscriber, someone with an active life and interested in health, cleansing after a long winter is a natural addition to your healthy life. It brings you renewed energy for all your summer activities, whether it’s running, yoga, cycling, cross fit, hiking, paddling, the list goes on, cleansing will bring renewed flexibility, endurance, focus and energy to all you do.

If you’ve been wanting to do a cleanse like this, one that is doable and delicious, guarantees weight loss, elimination of brain fog, and a good nights sleep, YOU FOUND IT!

When you enroll in the 12-Day Cleanse you become part of a private online community to keep you motivated and on track, and I will be coaching every day, in our private group, with daily emails and a live coaching call.

Are ready to live with renewed energy, focus and drop those extra winter pounds?

Join me for the next LIVE 12-Day Cleanse registration closes midnight, Friday, June 6


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Nourishment that will change your body and your life. Download the All-Day Energy Guide and Plant-Powered Meal Plan.

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Your Most Energized Day Starts Here

Nourishment that will change your body and your life. Download the All-Day Energy Guide and Plant-Powered Meal Plan.